Dr. Vivien Brown

Dr. Vivien Brown



Speech Title: Our Grey Matter Matters

Topic: An overview of the basics in brain health, differences between men and women, and lessons in how to make changes today, to protect your tomorrow.

Did you know that women suffer from depression, stroke and dementia twice as often as men? Let’s review some basics in brain health and learn how to make significant changes today to protect your tomorrow. And you know what? You’ve already made a good start!


Dr. Vivien Brown is the Vice-President of Medical Affairs at Medisys Executive Health and a recognized leader in her field as an outstanding family physician and a pioneer in raising awareness for preventive health on a national and international scale. She was awarded Family Physician of the Year Award 2012 by the Ontario College of Family Physicians. Dr. Brown is responsible for creating and leading strategic initiatives on promoting preventive health at Medisys. Dr. Brown’s community work and affiliations on numerous bodies related to the health care of Canadians brings valuable insights and leadership including a past appointment to the Faculty Advisory Board of McGill Medical School and as President of the Federation of Medical Women in Canada (FWMC). Dr. Brown also represents family physicians on the board of Immunize Canada, and best practices in the public sphere have been integrated into our Medisys programs. Dr. Brown is responsible for our corporate support of the Women’s Brain Health Initiative (WBHI). Most recently, Dr. Brown has been invited to be a delegate to the United Nation for women’s health.




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